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Pallium India Fundraiser Information

At Pallium India we strive to improve the quality of life of patients and their families facing the  problems associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of  suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain  and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual.

Towards this goal, we are seeking your help to support the following causes.

  1. Vaccination Drive: Purchase 500 additional doses of COVID vaccine to administer the second  dose of vaccination for the patients and families of Pallium India (Amount: $6000)
  2. Vocational Training: Provide support and vocational training for 10 families who lost their job/ability to work due to chronic illness or Covid (Amount: $4000) 

Details of these causes can be found below.

Pallium India is joining hands with a few other Charity organizations to raise funds for these causes. Here is how you can help contribute:

For outside India

For donations in INR

Donations made through the above link will enable you to watch Stephen Devassy Show online  live on Oct 1 (US) 6:30PM PST or Oct 2 (India) 7:00AM IST. For details, see the  GoFundMe/Milaap link

Pallium India Fundraiser Information


Vaccination Drive: Goal - Raise $6,000 for purchasing 500 additional doses of COVID vaccine to administer the second dose of vaccination for the patients and families of Pallium India

Since the Covid vaccine came to India, Pallium India has been trying to get our patients  protected. This by no means is an easy job. We were presented with many obstacles, and most  of them were inevitable. All concerned officials are desperately busy handling several times the  workload than they had before February 2020. The formalities, quite understandably, could not  be avoided. 

Pallium India has finally got the approval as a vaccination center since the first week of August  2021. We are finally able to reach people in their homes with the vaccine. There are many  challenges faced by our beneficiaries and their families. Few of them are listed below:

  • Access to a vaccination centre
  • Govt. unable to provide vaccines at home

  •  Net connectivity issues for taking appointments
  • Lack of vaccine availability
  • Vulnerable population not being prioritized, especially bedridden patients
  • Families from lower socio-economic status unable to go to private hospitals for vaccination.
Since the first week of August, Pallium India has provided vaccination support to 448  beneficiaries through the community: vaccination and vaccination at Pallium India within  a coverage of 45 kms around Trivandrum District — 60 panchayats, 1 corporation, 2  municipalities. With the generous financial support from individual donors, Pallium India is able  to complete the 1 dose of vaccination for all our current beneficiaries within a month’s time.  

At the moment, we have stock of 652 vaccines to continue providing vaccinations for new  beneficiaries and to provide second dose as it becomes necessary over the next couple of  month. We are anticipating a shortage of 500 vaccines for our beneficiaries and their families’  second dose.


Vocational Training: Goal - Raise $4,000 to provide support and vocational training for 10 families who lost their job/ability to work due to chronic illness or Covid

A total of 144 beneficiaries and their families have been supported through our vocational  rehabilitation project. We have trained many of our beneficiaries in pen making, computing  skills, cooking classes, umbrella making, soap making etc. The focus has been more on providing  support for families at home based on their choice of vocation. The areas of support have been  farming, livestock rearing, trade etc. to improve the quality of life of the family.

80% of caregivers world over are women. Women access healthcare less, and when they do,  they are often denied it. Designed to counter gender inequity in healthcare, this project  identifies women patients and caregivers and addresses their illness-related struggles along  several parameters – socioeconomic, psychological, physical, mental and spiritual. Under the  program Ujjwal, a holistic and systemic approach, is taken to strengthening existing support  structures available to women, helping them access opportunities for empowerment and  reducing stressors and barriers to their wellbeing. We provide medical and procedural support,  vocational rehabilitation, support the educational needs of their children, assist with securing  basic amenities like food, water and shelter and wherever possible, help them repair or rebuild  or rent homes in safe neighborhoods.

The pandemic has increased the burden of these families, especially in terms of livelihood and  basic needs. Vocational training and rehabilitation may be their only mode of livelihood.