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Providing palliative care for those living with life-limiting, disabling conditions-The Better India

A Malayalam documentary about Pallium India with English Subtitles

Padmashri Awardee Dr M.R. Rajagopal In An Exclusive Conversation With Faye D’souza

In an interview with ETHealthworld, Dr M R Rajagopal, Director, Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences, Chairman, Pallium India, Kerala, talks about the need to improve the access and knowledge of palliative care among the masses in India.

Pallium India and Palliative Care were featured on Sony TV’s Kaun Banega Crorepati, “Karamveer” on 1st of October’2019 during the week-long celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi. Please watch and share.

The Future of Being Differently-Abled with Ashla Rani. She’s one of the leading voices for disability-rights in her home country of India, activist Ashla Rani , Trustee of Pallium India, opens up about her recovery journey following the loss of her legs in a train accident and how she is now on a mission to fight for inclusivity, equality and accessibility for those living differently abled.

American-Swiss psychoanalyst Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ‘Five Stages of Grief’ are one way of explaining and coping with the traumas of life and death. Nuclear families in the era of globalisation has made death a stranger and in the Covid era, when hospitals and old age homes hide the sick and prevent them from reaching loved ones, the suffering of humans is exacerbated. Founder and chairperson of Pallium India, a palliative care space in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, who is on the board of the Elizabeth Kubler Ross Foundation, and Ken Ross, photographer and son of Elizabeth-Kubler Ross, who lives in the US, discuss what death and dying means today, with The Print’s National Affairs Editor Jyoti Malhotra.

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