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Pallium India Inc. is a group of Indian-Americans and palliative care and oncology clinicians who have formed a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization to support the crucial work of Pallium India in reducing serious health-related suffering and isolation of millions in India with serious health conditions. We welcome everyone and hope you will join us.

We support Pallium India by

  • Connecting Indians in the diaspora with palliative care programs for their family and friends in India who are suffering from pain or a serious illness or health condition.
  • Supporting Pallium India staff in educational, research and clinical efforts.
  • Joining the global effort to integrate palliative care in all settings.

Our Vision

Everyone in India will have access to quality palliative care integrated into all healthcare settings.

Our Mission

To engage the international palliative care community and the Indian diaspora to support the compelling need for palliative care in India.