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Types of marketing plans

The first step is always small, but very important. In the preparation of a marketing plan, this is the definition of a strategic goal and the identification of tactics for its achievement. The success of the whole event will depend on how correctly the first stage is completed. Therefore, if you are not confident in your own abilities, consult with an experienced marketer.
1. Quarterly or annual marketing plans: These plans highlight the strategies or campaigns you’ll take on in a certain period of time.
2. Paid marketing plan:  This plan could highlight paid strategies, such as native advertising, PPC, or paid social media promotions.
3. Social media marketing plan:  This plan could highlight the channels, tactics, and campaigns you intend to accomplish specifically on social media.
4. Content marketing plan: This plan could highlight different strategies, tactics, and campaigns in which you’ll use content to promote your business or product.

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