PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore launches “Santham” palliative care service
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PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore launched “Santham”, a dedicated palliative & hospice care service, on Oct 9, 2021, World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. Pallium India is proud to have been a part of this activity. Pallium India’s Head – Policy and Strategic Partnerships, Smriti Rana, was present at the launch.

Smriti writes:

We first had the joy of collaborating with Dr. Balaji and the Coimbatore Cancer Foundation team in 2018.

A few seeds were sown then, and we became happy co-gardeners from that day on.

On the 9th of October 2021, I spent World Hospice and Palliative Care Day with him, watching vision come to life.

PSG Hospitals inaugurated ‘Santham’, which means Peace, their 40-bedded palliative care and hospice unit in the presence of Managing Trustee Mr. L. Gopalakrishnan, Director Dr. Bhuvaneswaran, PSG Alumni and President of the wonderful Shanti Ashram Dr. Kezevinu Aram, several key personal from PSG and medical and nursing students.
It was a special privilege to be present on behalf of Pallium India.

This project is particularly close to my heart for two reasons. I have witnessed firsthand the efficiency and competence of this huge teaching hospital when my husband was admitted here with Covid during the second surge. Everyone in the hospital rose to the monstrous challenges of those dark days with grit and grace. What I remember most from those terrifying days was the kindness with which everyone treated us. I will always be grateful.

The second reason is that it is within reach from my beloved home, the Nilgiris, where as a resident since birth, I have witnessed too many people live and die in unspeakable pain and distress because of inadequate Palliative Care services nearby. The only option was to travel far away from home.

For people from the blue mountains – for whom being close to the hills is particularly important when they feel unwell or are close to the end of their lives – this unit is a beacon.

Thank you PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore Cancer Foundation and everyone involved, for moving the needle significantly in the direction of freedom from suffering.

Special thanks to Dr. Harsha Singh, Dr. Benson and Dr. Anupama for being the flag bearers of this new program.

Please watch the report by The Covai Mail.